When I started out as a teacher, some of my students were what I would have called “education resistant” children. For any number of reasons, home life, society, discipline, poor role models or just bad life experience, I understood and accepted them.

Years have acquainted me with more young people with the same problems and worse. Experiences have definitely been their trainers. And teachers can no longer be the ones to undo life experience. They are government policy, or lack of enforcement. They are social ills that need much more than remediation.

Through KidsHaveRights2 I now have connections to young people around the world with many of the same problems. I have learned that most children’s work institutions don’t take referrals. I see that governments prefer not to be faulted or used to correct these problems.

KidsHaveRights2 will be the voice of these kids. Whether the stories are unpalatable or successful, each child will have his voice heard and his needs broadcast.  Your help in supporting these kids, adding to their numbers, and passing their stories forward is the best hope they have. And my greatest desire. Every “story” you find here is part of the life of a child somewhere. It is true with names altered to give the respect and admiration each of these young survivors deserve. In many of these cases KidsHaveRights2 has played a role in refocusing the mind, reinvigorating the dream, and reawakening the compassion within that gives tirelessly from what we have been given.


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